Beans and Burgers in a can?

Your beans on toast just got more exciting…

Vegan companies VBites Foods and Suma partner to create the ultimate plant-based camping food. Also great for a snack or supper.

vegan burgers and beansThe pioneers of plant-based vegan foods are pleased to announce the launch of Suma’s anned beans and mini VBites Burgers.

The cans of deliciousness will hit the shelves of health food stores and independent retailers across the country from July the 1st. Also available online through the Ethical Superstore.

Made from Suma’s own special recipe the beans and VBites burgers come in a rich tomato sauce with herbs and spices. 100% suitable for vegans.  Easy to prepare and packed with protein, an essential for any camping trip or for a quick tasty snack.



About Suma Wholefoods

Suma is a fully democratic workers cooperative. All cooperative members and employees receive the same net hourly rate of pay, no matter what their job or responsibilities. All members have input into the direction and policy of the Cooperative.

Since Suma was established it has only stocked vegetarian food, and has a zero tolerance policy to any goods containing animal products or derivatives. Over 30 years later it still sells exclusively vegetarian products and is committed to promoting vegetarianism as an ethical lifestyle choice. Its premises are a meat-free zone, and workers benefit from a vegetarian canteen.

vegan beans and burgers