We are excited to be collaborating with One Planet Pizza to support them creating incredible tasting pizzas with our delicious VBites cheezly through our collaboration with VBites Ventures.

One Planet Pizza has been making their classic range of vegan frozen pizzas for just over 2 years and are already available in over 450 shops across the UK and mainland Europe, as well as winning various industry awards. Run by father and son team Mike and Joe Hill, it was the first vegan company to equity crowdfund in the UK, and has over 100 micro investors, many of them veggie or vegan.

Heather Mills said “This is another really exciting investment for me, and my team at VBites Ventures as we are looking to help leading plant-based business to grow quickly and meet the massive demand that is now present in the market. One Planet are a classic example of that, they have established themselves as a leading vegan pizza company in the UK already and I now believe I can help them become one of the best in the world.”

One Planet Pizza with the stringy VBites Cheezly

“We need to expand our production very quickly in order to meet the increasing demand for our pizzas, including a February launch on Ocado, and to launch some exciting new products. We will be using VBites 100% plant-based manufacturing facilities to help scale their production and increase their distribution nationwide and internationally. We are also looking forward to using VBites new melty “cheese” as well as some of their other award-winning products on our pizzas, as well as working closing with the other VBites Ventures companies.” – One Planet Pizza