Growing together.

Building plant-based businesses.

Investing in all our futures.


Investing in a Plant-Based Future

We are building a family of ethical, sustainable plant-based entrepreneurs whose values match our own and who, together are going to transform the face of plant-based business and join us on our journey to making plant-based living a 100% viable, sustainable and attractive option for all.

Plant-Based Incubator

We nurture brilliant plant-business concepts, helping entrepreneurs with plant-based ideas and vision to transform those ideas into fully-fledged businesses.

Plant-Based Accelerator

We give early-stage businesses access to manufacturing, product development, distribution and marketing opportunities to help them up-scale rapidly and achieve their full growth potential.

Plant-Based Consultancy

We provide tailored consultancy services to existing and new plant-based ventures, from upscaling and market penetration to vertical integration and new product development.

Our Ventures

We are delighted to announce that the following ventures have already joined the VBites Ventures family.

One Planet Pizza

The UK’s first frozen vegan pizza company. Our award-winning Pizzas are available in over 400 Independent health stores and vegan shops from Inverness all the way down to Penzance. We’ve also now landed on Ocado!


Here to debunk the myths that healthy food has to be complicated, expensive, boring or inedible, we are here to create food products that are delicious, kind and most of all ONIST!

Beau’s Ice Cream

100% plant based luxurious artisan gelato
Made from whole foods. Feel Good Gelato!


M*lkman is the only service of its kind that offers a nut m*lk product in glass bottles and actively encourages its customers to return them to for reuse.

Fit Delis

Demonstrating that convenience doesn’t require ethical or environmental compromise, Fit Delis’ range of clean and natural, 100%-vegan supplements are deliciously free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and thickeners.

Love Seitan

The founders at LoveSeitan set out to create a strong, recognisable brand of seitan which people associate with great flavour and a consistently high-quality product which will make people smile.

Our teams are working hard to grow and develop these exciting plant-based ventures so we are currently not taking any further applications until 2020.