Award winning ethical food firm VBites has unveiled its ‘Veganuary’ starter kit for anyone wanting to try a plant-based diet in January.

Ideal for people planning to give up meat, dairy, fish, eggs and honey as part of the annual ‘Veganuary’ challenge, the bundle* includes seven hand-picked VBites’ vegan foods including:

– Cheatin’ Streaky Style Rashers
– VegiDeli Lincolnshire Style Sausages
– VegiDeli Gourmet Meat-free Quarter Pound Burgers
– VegiDeli Vegetarian Mince
– Making Waves Gourmet Fish Style Steaks
– VegiDeli Duck Style Pieces
– Mystery item

“If you’re used to eating meat and fish, switching to a plant-based diet can be quite daunting, so we’ve put together a simple starter pack to help people make the transition,” said Lee Rockingham at VBites.

“The kit contains a selection of our most popular products, including animal-free alternatives to bacon, sausages, burgers and fish steaks, all made from natural plant based ingredients.”

Everything in the pack is free from animal products/derivatives, cholesterol, artificial colours, lactose, hydrogenated fats and GMOs, so suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with special dietary needs, such as those who are lactose or casein intolerant and those looking for healthier and more ethical lifestyles.

The bundle costs £15 and can be ordered from VBites’ online store

To find out more about Veganuary, visit

*If any of the items are out of stock when the order is placed a suitable replacement will be sent.