This year 13 students at 13 universities across the UK became PETA Campus Reps to create exciting and engaging events to educate people about a variety of animal rights issues. Since we started VBites in 1993 we have been happy to support others educating people about the benefits of a vegan diet on our health, the environment, and animals.

Durham University

Royal Hollaway

“Everyone loved the Vbites treats, especially the sausages and the vegan duck – which many didn’t even believe were vegan. A lot of them were interested in Vegan Starter Kits to try to make changes.”

University Of Sheffield

“Everyone loved the food and wanted to know where they could purchase VBites. Overall a great action showing people how nice vegan food is whilst having polite thought provoking conversations.”

University Of Edinburgh

“We prepared the pepper jack vegan cheese and ‘ham’ on skewers, sausages with ketchup and ‘duck’ in wraps with hoisin sauce and cucumber. All three were extremely popular, and most wrote hoisin duck wraps down on the slip asking which alternatives students wanted to see on campus. It was super engaging and individuals were shocked by how realistic the flavours, textures and appearance of the ‘meats’ were.”

Aston University

We are grateful to be able to support such passionate students. You can find out more information about the campus reps here