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Spinach Leaves

Thanks to our plant-based manufacturing practices, sustainable procurement, and vegan ethos, we are already among the world's most emissions-efficient non-dairy and alternative food producers. We are continuously looking at ways to positively impact the environment.

We are continuously innovating new plant-based foods with the environment in mind. As part of our efforts, we are developing various products that include the use of seaweed and Mycoprotein. These ingredients not only offer nutritional benefits but also have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional animal-based products. We believe that by incorporating these ingredients into our products, we can contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable food choices.

For global deliveries, we partner with specialist export experts. All our distribution partners are dedicated to maximising efficiency and minimising emissions. We achieve this by adopting green supply chain management practices, reducing carbon footprints, implementing sustainable packaging and waste management strategies, promoting ethical sourcing, and fostering collaborations for grouping cargo. By doing so, we aim to reduce any potential negative impact and ensure that we only work with export partners who are also committed to creating a more sustainable and transparent supply chain from field to consumption.

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