Vmega-3 Algal Oil

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Most people think Omega-3 Oil comes from fish, but the truth is it comes from the algae that fish eat. Vmega-3 is 100% Vegan Omega-3 oil harvested from nutrient-rich (plant-based) algae to create a healthier, marine-friendly product. Our unique process uses biomass grown under controlled manufacturing conditions and naturally occurring micro-organisms instead of fish or other animals.

Research has shown Omega-3 helps:

  • prevent heart disease
  • improve vision
  • increase brain function
  • and reduces the risk of Parkinson’s Disease and ADHD

It can also help reduce the onset of auto-immune disorders such as:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Chron’s disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and Cancer

Omega-3 oil from fish is no longer sustainable. Overfishing and fish-farming have a seriously detrimental effect on the marine environment. And, on top of that research has shown that the vast majority of fish caught now contain industrial toxins and pollutants.

Omega-3 is made up of three different types of healthy fats ALA, DHA and EPA.

ALA is a short-chain fatty acid that is rapidly absorbed remaining in the blood for approximately 10 hours, while EPA/DHA are long-chain fatty acids that can remain in the blood for more than three days.

Traditional plant-based sources such as flaxseed, chia and hemp are rich in ALA but lack DHA or EPA.

Vmega-3 is a sustainable, ethical and purer form of Omega-3 oil that contains 420 milligrams of DHA.

Help improve your health while protecting the marine ecosystem. Choose Vmega-3 algal oil made from the original source of Omega-3!

For every bottle of Vmega-3 sold we will be making a £1 donation to Music For Mental Wealth.