Plant-Based BBQ Party in a box

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With the 1-Week Plant-based Meal Kit VBites has reinvented the weekly-shop using sustainable plant-based ingredients.

If you're thinking about starting a plant-based diet this VBites 1-Week Plant-based Meal Kit is for you. We have carefully selected a range of meat-free, plant based ingredients to make it easy-peasy to recreate your favourite dishes using VBites 100% vegan alternatives.

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About VBites

All VBites products are 100% vegan and focus on plant-based ingredients. We create gourmet foods based on different global cuisines and heritages, but using modern and innovative production methods.

This means we think progressively about how we make our food without changing how we love to eat.

At VBites we create foods that are healthier than animal-based foods. Our vegan Meat-Free alternatives contain high amounts of plant-based protein and more fibre than animal-based products, making them perfect for replicating your favourite meat dishes.

They are also environmentally much more sustainable than animal-based meat.

We continue to innovate on our food system by developing better methods of production and foods that do better for humans, the planet, and all beings living on it.

Our vegan and vegetarian Meat-Free Pieces are made with healthy, vegan and environmentally-friendly plant-based meat which means we can continue to enjoy delicious stir-fries in a modern and progressive way.

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