Plant-based Scampi Style Bites

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A seaside favourite, coated in breadcrumbs infused with lemon and a hint of black pepper. Please note: This product cannot be re-frozen.



A seaside favourite, modernised with our plant-based fish. Coated in breadcrumbs infused with lemon and a hint of black pepper, these are a real hit with kids but a great treat for adults too. Unlike traditional scampi, our plant-based scampi is completely sustainable and does not harm the ocean or its inhabitants.

About VBites Scampi Bites

All VBites products are 100% vegan and focus on plant-based ingredients. We create gourmet foods based around different global cuisines and heritages, but using modern and innovative production methods. This means we think progressively about how we make our food without changing how we love to eat.

At VBites we create foods that are healthier than animal-based foods. Our vegan Lemon & Black Pepper Scampi Style Bites are high in quality plant protein, and also contain less calories than animal-based scampi whilst providing flavours and textures that are indistinguishable.

They are also environmentally much more sustainable and better for the oceans than animal-based scampi. We continue to innovate on our food system by developing better methods of production and foods that do better for humans, the planet, and all beings living on it.

Our Lemon & Black Pepper Scampi Style Bites are made with healthy, vegan and environmentally-friendly plant-based fish which means we can continue to enjoy the seaside favourite of scampi and chips in a modern and progressive way.

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