We, the pioneers of plant-based foods have launched our award-winning ‘Making Waves’ alternative Fish Steaks in Flaming Grill restaurants across the UK.

Meat reducers and flexitarians can now enjoy the iconic traditional Fish and chips, with a clear conscience as they enjoy the UK’s first truly sustainable “fish” made entirely from plant-based ingredients.

‘Making Waves’ has made a name for itself in the vegan seafood market, working tirelessly to reproduce the unique textures, tastes and consistency of fish. The popular range includes fish fingers, tuna style pate, smoked salmon style slices, fish-free cakes and even the new scampi bites.

We are amid an exciting transition towards a plant-based revolution, with a total of 7% of the UK now leading a plant-based, vegan lifestyle. 3.5 million people lead the change in the UK, and VBites are no strangers to being part of this.

The contaminants in our oceans are finding their way into the food chain.  Through taste-obsessed development, the ‘Making Waves’ range proves some delicious, truly revolutionary alternatives to real fish, which look and taste the same, but without harming any fish, or our oceans, at all.

80% of commercial fish species are now gone and we are at a crucial point where protecting the environment is not only ethical, but necessary for sustainability and the protection of our marine eco-system. It has been predicted that by 2048, scientists believe that all wild fish populations will have collapsed, and we will have fish-less oceans by this date, if no change is made.

We see a rise in the plant-based revolution, not only from people switching to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but those that have cut back on their meat and dairy consumption, also known as ‘Flexitarians or Reducetarians” and now we are at a point where we need to celebrate and encourage these decisions to reduce their intake, no matter what the degree.

So why not try an alternative fish steak instead?

Find VBites ‘Making Waves’ steaks in all Flaming Grill restaurants now.