We are excited to announce that our VBites cheese will be used on the new Goodfella’s pizza launching in a few weeks! The new Spicy Vegetable Salsa pizza will cost £2.50 and be available in supermarkets across the UK. The toppings of this tasty pizza will consist of sweetcorn, black beans, red onion, salsa drizzle, red and green peppers, tomato sauce and a spiced crumb.

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living the Brand Manager at Goodfella’s Alex Brown said: “We have partnered with V bites on the Vegan cheese, and we are very pleased by the final result. We knew that our next Vegan extension needed to have Vegan cheese on it, to ensure we were appealing to the ever-growing Vegan shopper. However, we also wanted to add spice and exciting ingredients onto this product, which we hope we have achieved.”

It has been amazing to see the increased demand for plant-based foods across the UK and we are proud to be part of such a positive movement. We can’t wait to hear feedback!