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Feature #1 with Humblest of Pleasures

A small plant-based café nestled in the heart of Yorkshire in Hebden Bridge emerged on the vegan scene eight months ago. We caught up with the owner of Humblest of Pleasures – Katie Hartley, to find out how the first eight months have been for the café, and what people can expect from a visit. Enjoy:



A little bit about us – We’re a 100% vegan cafe, serving breakfast, sandwiches, main menu, and freshly baked cakes daily. Having being vegan for 3 years now, I struggled for places to eat. I wanted somewhere that I could go without having to ask any questions and be able to take friends who still ate meat and we could all enjoy it. I wanted a place I could just pop in for a coffee and somewhere I felt a little more, for lack of a better word, ‘normal’. My vision when creating Humblest of Pleasures was just that. A relaxed

place where you don’t leave feeling unfulfilled, you don’t have to compromise on your meal choice because there’s only a salad or chips available – instead you leave full of pancakes and coffee and cake.

You get to choose your own mug to have your coffee / tea in from our huge mug wall, you can bring your pooches in (or spend your time

petting everyone else’s) and we even have vegan homemade dog treats available!

Our first 8 months have been incredible. We have had many sell-out days, and we are only getting busier! We only seat 25 people so we tend to have quite a wait on tables at the weekend, but we always manage to seat everyone quite quickly.

We have seen an increase of vegan options in our town (there is already an incredible amount of options available!) and we have had businesses approach us to tell us they have been selling a higher amount of vegan products in their stores.


The majority of our customers are vegan themselves, but we get a LOT of customers who bring along omni family members / partners who all say how much they love it! We do find that it’s more likely for omnis to be reluctant to try mock meats, but we have had so many

people say how much they have loved the VBites rashers and sausages, usually after trying the Full English breakfast.

We have incredible feedback on VBites products. The Cheatin’ rashers are so well loved, our ‘FLT’ sandwich is one of our best sellers and 9/10 people also add Cheatin’ rashers to their pancake stack.

As well as filling up with a hearty meal, compromising of buddah bowls, pancake stacks, full English breakfasts, or even just a coffee and cake… There is also a wide selection of merchandise you can purchase at the café. Including the “Facon Forever” Pins / Stickers / Tote bags – which feature our cheatin’ bacon rashers.

Keep up the good work HoP!

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