We are incredibly excited to announce we’re purchasing this 385,000 Sq Foot factory and will be creating a Plant-Based Valley


Aerial photo of our new plant-based valley

VBites Founder Heather Mills said:

“Now the cat is out of the bag, we are pleased to announce that, yes, we have purchased the 385,000 ft.² ex Coty/Procter & Gamble factory in Seaton Delavel, Newcastle.”


VBites fishless steaks

“This is now my third factory purchase in the north-east to help bring more employment and expand the plant-based meat, fish and allergen free dairy alternative industry as well as micro algae and vegan make up. This recent purchase of a factory that has been sitting empty for nearly 2 years will mean it will bring more jobs to the region and we can incubate all of our VBITES Ventures investments to help them scale up, manufacture, distribute and sell in 24 countries around the world. I am hoping that the supermarkets and food service industry will support British manufacturing in these difficult times and Britain can unite to become a booming country in the food and beverage sector.

I hope you will all support us in buying VBITES products to create a more sustainable future and support growth. I would like to thank the local MP Ronnie Campbell for helping facilitate and support us in this purchase as well as Lisa Harwood and Coty’s Luc Volatier. – Heather Mills

Inside the 385,000 Sq Ft Factory


“But it is understood that that Ms Mills has been selected as the preferred bidder for the manufacturing facility, paving the way for further expansion of her growing vegan food firm VBites.” – Chronicle Live