We are excited to be launching 10 brand new plant-based cheeses that are going to be for sale in UK stores around the country.

After a lot of hard work perfecting the texture and taste, we’ve finalised the recipes and we are excited to hear what people think! So far we have had great feedback from everyone that has tried them. You can use this cheese in a range of recipes from lasagne, mac and cheese, pizza salad and pasta.

We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of plant-based foods, allowing people to enjoy incredible tasting foods, without the negative impact of harming animals, the environment and human health.

Here are a few examples of our cheeses:

Red Cheddar Cheezly:

Edam Cheezly:

Mozzarella Melt:

We care about the planet, our health and the welfare of animals, and that pervades everything we do, from the way we support small businesses to the choice of ingredients in our products.

Tag us in any photographs you take of our products at @vbitesfoods and #vbites!
You can find out more about our Cheezly selection here!