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The Pioneers of Plant-Based Food

Since 1993

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You can shop on this site for the whole VBites range, including a number of online exclusives.  If you are new to VBites, or would simply like to sample a selection of our signature plant-based foods, however, these kits are an easy way to introduce some plant-based meats into your weekly meal plan.

Years of Innovation

We’ve been innovating in plant-based foods since 1993.

Plant-Based Products

Our products are available in 24 countries.

International Awards

We’ve been winning awards for our products for 25 years.


The Pioneers of Plant-Based Food

Unrivalled Plant-Based Choice

The VBites Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of plant-based, meat-free, vegan meat substitutes. No other 100% vegan company comes close to us in size or product mix.

Through our taste-obsessed research and development, we are focused on delivering a wide variety of delicious and healthy meat substitutes to satisfy the most discerning meat-reducer.

In short, our mission is to deliver all of the taste and texture of meat, fish and dairy products, but without the harmful dietary, environmental, welfare and sustainability drawbacks of pastoral agriculture and fishing.

Our Signature Products

We proudly manufacture the widest range of plant-based alternatives to meat, fish and dairy.  If you are new to VBites, here is a selection of the signature products which have helped to make us famous as The Pioneers of Plant-Based Food.

What makes VBites special?

At our roots, we are a vegan company.  We care about the planet, our health and the welfare of animals, and that pervades everything we do, from the way we support small businesses to the choice of ingredients in our products.

As the Pioneers of Plant-Based Foods, we are obsessed with research and development as we innovate to develop more and more realistic alternatives to meat, fish and dairy.  We describe our development programme as ‘taste-obsessed’ and, together with our pioneering spirit and refusal ever to quit, use this as our benchmark for developing new and delicious products.

We’ve been in business for 25 years, long before plant-based foods became as widely consumed and popular as they are now.  As the plant-based movement gains momentum, the cost of raw materials and the technology available to us in our production facilities continues to improve, allowing us to continue to innovate and develop pioneering new products.

Nowadays, however, we are not just a vegan company.  We are a pioneering leader in the world of food technology, employing inventive means to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of food science, employing a huge team of passionate people, and helping to shape the discourse surrounding vegan and plant-based lifestyles, all this because we care.

News, Blogs & Articles

A selection of news, blogs, events and articles on the plant-based innovation, awards and vegan development we carry out every day, to continue to bring you the finest plant-based alternatives to meat, fish and dairy.

Making Waves in Flaming Grill restaurants across the UK

We, the pioneers of plant-based foods have launched our award-winning ‘Making Waves’ alternative Fish Steaks in Flaming Grill restaurants across the UK. Meat reducers and flexitarians can now enjoy the iconic traditional Fish and chips, with a clear conscience as they...

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Plant-Based Recipe Inspiration

We have put together a suite of the most popular recipes from our cafés and test kitchens, rustled up some of our family favourites and asked our customers how they love to cook with VBites products. These are the results!

Shepherd’s Pie

The Shepherd’s pie, a timeless classic whatever the weather. Meat-free mince simmered with garden vegetables in gravy and topped with creamed potato, crisped to perfection.


As the Pioneers of Plant-Based Food, we have won a number of awards since 1993 – here is a selection from our trophy cabinet. From our 100% sustainable fish alternatives to our delicious dairy-free cheeses, we have been recognised consistently for our innovation by the world’s leading publications and charities.

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